I find that the A-10C lua files (like those of the KA-50) do not work with the mnemomic device and command ID. You have to use the numerical ones.

The code below creates an axis command for the UHF radio volume knob:

{action = 3011, cockpit_device_id = 54, name = _('UHF Radio Volume')},

The device ID for the UHF Radio is 54 as you can see in “devices.lua”. The command ID is 3011. You find the command as “device_commands.Button_11” in “clickabledata.lua”. So it’s button 11 of device 54. However, as you see in “command_defs.lua”, all device command numbers are defined as 3000 + Button-Number.
Note: The axis uses only half of the slider movement. You have to define parameters in Axis Tune to use the full slider movement or pot rotation. That’s a common problem in custom axis definitions.
Have fun!